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British Indoor Skydiving Association5 months ago
Thank you all for your feedback and getting in touch with us in relation to our earlier post last month about future plans for Nationals.

After further discussion and taking into consideration all of your valuable feedback, we will be aiming to hold a national competition in the 2nd half of February 2022 (on a Saturday). This event will be open to all and will be used as selection event for the FAI Indoor event in April 2022. We understand the concerns raised around registration for this event and are in contact with event organisers to mitigate any issues in relation to registering the British delegation.

Beyond this, we will be shifting the regular timing for British Nationals to November each year (starting in 2022) which will be for all categories and open to all competitors/teams (local & international) who wish to compete.

We at BISA appreciate that this change will cause some concern amongst our community - as change most always does. We do not take this lightly. We have taken the time to speak with various stakeholders and listen to their concerns in relation to making this change and are moving forward with the change in the best interests of our sport and community.

We will continue to listen to further feedback and comments from all of you so please feel free to get in touch with us as and when.

BISA Team ๐Ÿ™‚
British Indoor Skydiving Association
British Indoor Skydiving Association6 months ago
Hi tunnel flyers!

Following on from our post last year regarding Nationals, we'd now like some more feedback please.

We propose to hold a competition in early Feb 2022 as a selection event for the British teams who will attend the Indoor World Cup 5th - 10th April 2022 in Belgium, as well as any other FAI competition in 2022. All teams welcome to join the comp.

We then intend to follow up with a full Nationals in November 2022, which would become the regular timing for UK Indoor Nationals going forward. The November competition would then determine the following years British teams for FAI competitions.

Your feedback please!
British Indoor Skydiving Association
British Indoor Skydiving Association1 year ago
ISC and the Organisers, Hurricane Factory and the Slovakian NAC, are very sorry to have to announce that the 4th FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships that were scheduled to be held in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia next April are cancelled. You will find attached the official announcement. In spite...
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British Indoor Skydiving Association1 year ago
UK NATIONALS 2020 Update - Weโ€™d like to thank everyone that provided feedback to our nationals poll, it was very helpful. As a consequence of the ongoing Covid pandemic, short notice and the uncertainty surrounding any large events itโ€™s obvious that attempting any event this year would be unproductive. We are excited for 2021 and will look to review the situation in the hopes of getting something in place next year, once conditions allow.

Stay safe! x
British Indoor Skydiving Association
British Indoor Skydiving Association1 year ago
UK NATIONALS 2020 - Survey

BISA are currently considering options to run the UK Nationals competition before year-end 2020.

Before embarking on making this competition happen, we would like to get your opinions to ensure that there is sufficient interest and support from competitors.

Note that should this competition go ahead, it will be the selection event for the 2021 National Teams that will compete at FAI events throughout 2021. If this competition does not go ahead in 2020, we will look to alternate solutions in early 2021.

Please give feedback (in the comments) for your responses to the below questions:

1. Would you be interested in competing at a BISA UK Nationals competition this year? - Yes/No

2. Would you still be interested should this competition take place at any UK tunnel? - Yes/No

3. Would you still be interested should there be a non-refundable portion of the registration fee? (to cover expenses should the competition be cancelled due to COVID-19) - Yes/No

4. Would you still be interested should there be a chance the competition might not go ahead due to COVID-19? - Yes/No

5. Would you still be happy if the judging takes place remotely? - Yes/No

6. Would you still be happy if we had to reduce time between rounds, potentially as low as 5-10 minutes? - Yes/No

7. Would you still be happy if you had to stay in the tunnel antechamber to complete multiple rounds? - Yes/No

8. Would you still be interested provided you understand that you must follow all COVID guidelines given by the tunnel and accept that you enter the competition at your own risk? - Yes/No

9. Finally, are there any questions/issues that you would like to ask/raise?

Best wishes,
British Indoor Skydiving Association
British Indoor Skydiving Association1 year ago
Update regarding 2020 World Cup & European Championships.

BISA would like to extend our many thanks to the ISC and the Organisers at Airspace Indoor Skydiving for all their efforts through these challenging times. As unfortunate it is to hear this update, we completely understand and support this decision.

To our GB delegation, we will be reaching out to you with further associated information.

BISA Team.

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